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  • Computer hardware, software and training
    We will be having classes on:
  • Choosing and using a digital camera
  • Choosing and using a digital video camera
  • Digital editing and production
  • DVD editing and production
  • Power Point Presentations using audio, graphic, video and photos
  • Auto Cad
  • Corel Draw
  • Classes are $19 each and typically run 2 hours in length. If you have a laptop bring it - if not you can use one of our laptops or workstations. Classes are small 8-10 people so register early.

    We have Apple and PC workstations and numerous software packages ready to use including:
  • Apple and PC workstations in private cubicles
  • Hardware and software for a number of applications
  • You can do your own work at low cost
  • We can help for a modest additional fee
  • We can do your project at a reasonable cost

  • (Link to registration form coming soon.)

    Business Solutions
    Do you:

  • Offer training, classes, seminars, instruction for your clients, customers, employees or prospective employees?
  • Sometimes need a place to conduct these events?
  • Need power point presentations, videos?
  • Need training materials such as manuals, class summaries, and printed power point presentations?
  • Need a CD or DVD of the class, presentation or material?
  • We can help!

    The eTech 'N Stuff Solution:
    We have a class area which can seat up to 12 participants. There is a large screen monitor for computer, photographic and video presentations. There is both wired and wireless high speed internet available for instructors and students.

    We have audio with wireless microphones and have the ability to record your class or seminar. We can create either an audio or a video recording of your event which can be duplicated for your participations. We have several laptop computers available for your participants to use. We have two restrooms. Our facility is easy to get too, less than a mile from exit 126. There is available parking and several nearby restaurants within walking distance.

    Our class area is available at costs that are far less than similar facilities at hotels and conference centers. Our staff and equipment can be utilized to help you with your class, presentation or seminar. The equipment here includes:

  • Ethernet and WiFi high speed internet
  • Audio Video production and duplication
  • Color laser printer
  • Fax machine
  • CD and DVD duplication

  • We provide the ability to use almost any media including VHS, VHSC, mini DV, 8, super 8 and digital 8 video. Reel to reel and cassette tape and even vinyl and 8 track tape.

    We can do photographic, video, power point and spreadsheet presentations in either PC or Apple formats.

    So if you are planning a presentation, lecture, class, seminar or other event we can help you put together the event and make you materials available for you participants. We can also offer you a place to hold your event as long as you have 12 or less people attending. Our facility could be a place for your employee training, your safety seminars, or a place to present your business or product to clients, customers, associates or prospective employees. The hours here are 8-8 Monday through Saturday, so there is a lot of flexibility available for your event.